Thursday, 17 April 2014


From the incident of the Highland Tower collapse which had killed 48 peoples, many people has provoked much speculation regarding the incident. In the perspective of Islam, people believe that the tragedy happened because of the prohibited activities like vice that happened in the block. There was a maid from Indonesia who had an employer at block 1 but she lived at block 2 or 3, she said that she saw two pious people in white cloak shake and pushed the condominium before the condominium collapse. Other than that, she also said that she heard the Quran verses at the block 1 when it collapse. 

Man in white cloak shake and pushed the condominium

Random stranger Madam Fatimah, she said that this is the punishment that Allah S.W.T gives as there was a lot of vices happened in there. There was a lot of mistress of VIP were kept there. Before the collapse, it was believed that there was a person in white cloak walk around the block, and after that the block collapsed unexpectedly. The security guard there said that, every night he will see some of the residents came home drunk. The most distressing is that most of them were Muslim, the security guard cannot do anything accept for just looking as he was only a guard. 

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