Thursday, 17 April 2014


Highland Tower incident collapse now remains in the memories of everyone because it is one of the worst incidents that have taken place in Malaysia. The incident happened on 11 Disember 1993, where one of the three 12-storey blocks of condominium at Taman Hillview, Ulu Klang, Selangor had collapse. The tragedy of collapse killed 48 people and only 2 persons survived from the incident which was a maid, Umi Rashidah and her 16 months old daughter, Nur Hamidah. 

One of the three 12-storey blocks of condominium at Taman Hillview

On the respective day, both of them were rescued, there was a woman from Japan, Shizue Nakajima was also survived and she was found under the rubble in a weak condition. However, on the second day of searching operation, all of the rescue team was shocked with the news that she died at the hospital due to serious injuries and she unluckily cannot be saved. Even though all of them felt sad, they still continued the process of searching the victims. 7 days of searching, they decided to stop the operation as they already lose hope and all of them started to use the heavy machinery to find the died body. 

The victims involved in Highland Tower incident

The Highland Tower tragedy :

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