Thursday, 17 April 2014


How the condominium collapse? Every year in Malaysia, monsoon season will happen from November until Disember which brings to flood, flash floods and landslide to occur. Due to nonstop raining of 10 days, the landslide had occurred which caused the retain wall at the condominium parking collapse, and one of the blocks Highland Tower collapse after that. Geotechnical consultant, Prof Noel Edward Simons put the blame on the design of retaining walls which was not perfectly built. This shows how developers of the place, Highland Tower, careless about the safety of the condominium residents as they only think about the profit that they gain. As people know, trees can absorb water, however when there is no plants, water will be thoroughly flow which contribute to landslide and the building on it to collapse. 

Picture on how the incident happened

The Highland Tower tragedy

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