Saturday, 19 April 2014


Highland Tower now become one of the haunted places in Malaysia as some of the body was still buried under the rubble. Highland tower is not resident for 20 years, including 2 blocks near to it. Since some of the body was not found, many people had experienced horror situation that has to do with the highland tower itself. One of the stories is about a taxi driver and a mystery woman. In the middle of the night, he sent a woman to the Taman Hill View, Highland Tower. He was grateful that the place was located near to his residential area. He did not remember that the place collapse and nobody live there anymore. About 10 minutes after that, he just realized about the incident of Highland Tower, he felt something was just not right so he decided to ask the woman. “Are you living there?” The woman answered 30 seconds after that, “When the condominium collapse, I was in there, and I lose my legs. Look at my legs, my legs maimed and bleeding". The taxi driver looked at the back seat and he was shocked because the woman’s legs were maimed and bleeding. His knees became weak; he could not able to press the pedal. He only able to look at her, stayed still when the woman opened the door, and crawling towards the rubble of the building until she disappeared from his eyes.

Pictures of ghost in Highland Tower

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